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    Update to the update

    Published on June 11, 2012 by in Site News

    Things are not looking good on the real estate front in Illinois; our realtor gave us some depressing information.

    We’ve decided that we’re going to try again to sell the place, and that means plundering our savings. At this point, we think it’ll be worth it to get out from under the place; we both make very good money, so rebuilding the savings shouldn’t be too painful.


    As if the pile of stress and worry already on my shoulders wasn’t enough, my brother texted yesterday to tell me that my mother has been diagnosed with <a href=””>cellulitis”</a>, and it was severe enough that her doctor sent her to the ER for a 3 hour infusion of antibiotics.  They’ve been there for about 5 hours as of the time I’m writing this.

    My mother is 72.  I realize she’s at an age where medical complications are going to start becoming more frequent, and that I need to ensure that I’m active in her life, but it’s still a bit of a punch to the gut.  I don’t want to think about the fact she might be gone in 10 years.

    Sooo yeah.  Good thoughts, energy, whatever — greatly appreciated, thank you all.

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    To my Commissioners

    Published on April 25, 2012 by in Art, Maintenance, Site News

    This email just went out to people that have commissions with me.  (A slightly different one went out if you have a commission and are also someone I consider a friend)

    <blockquote>Firstly, I wish to apologize for the tardiness of this letter.  I have delayed writing it for some time, and made excuses to myself in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to.  It was an injustice to all of you, and I regret it greatly.

    Most of you commissioned me in 2010 for various pieces of artwork.   Some of you have commissions that pre-date 2010, and it is with great regret that I am writing to inform you that I am issuing full refunds to everyone with outstanding commissions.

    2010 was a very difficult year for me towards the end, and 2011 brought many changes to my life.  I have always had the hope that the artistic spark would re-ignite and I could find the joy of creation again, but unfortunately, every time I sit down to paint, all I feel is anxiety, obligation and stress.  Those feelings, as I am sure you can understand, do not make for good artwork, and it is unproductive and unfair to ask you all to wait until my muse is sufficiently recovered enough.

    I am not doing anything silly like leaving the fandom, although I have dropped from the convention circuit.  I simply need, I think, some time away to rest and recharge.

    My request to all of you, is to reply to this email with your preferred method of repayment.  I am happy to send out a certified check from my bank, or send your refund via Paypal.

    Again, my most sincere regrets;  you have all been a joy to work with.

    cheekitty arts



    This will also be posted on my FA.  If you have a commission with me and did not receive an email… please let me know.

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    Quick Update

    Published on April 17, 2012 by in Maintenance, Site News

    I have some emails I have not had a chance to respond to; I have seen them, life has just been a bit crazy busy lately.

    I need to deal with some administrative things this week. If you have an open commission with me, I will be contacting you soon, so watch your inboxes.   (Beth, I am doing my damndest to have yours done this week)

    There are some really awesome things happening in our lives that we’re keeping under wraps for the time being, since things can still go awry.  (No, I am not pregnant.)  

    Does anyone that read this use Livestream with a specific piece of software (Sai, Photoshop, etc) ?  I don’t really have the energy to muck about getting my real-media setup going again; I got a new desk, and fitting it with the camera has proven to be a pita.  But I thought perhaps I could doodle digitally. If anyone does and doesn’t mind helping me get it set up, I’d appreciate it!

    I’m alive, so is Bren, the cats are fat and oh-so-sassy. 


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    Health Check

    Published on March 23, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    There’s been alot going on elsewhere, hence the lack of updates here. Apologies!

    I’ve been doing alot of writing, and in order not to spam my updates page, I am working on a page specifically for that.  There’s been alot of good stuff, although it’s been a little scattered about.

    I will  hopefully be livestreaming again… soon. The new lamp I got for my desk isn’t working out, so I have to either figure out how to attach a camera to my old one, or somehow rig the camera another way.  Anyone an engineer and likes figuring out problems? I am happy to send measurements and photos.

    At any rate, hope all of you out there reading this are doing well.

    ALMOST FORGOT- Locals. Hunger Games. Tomorrow. Brookline? (I think?)  Come watch me squee myself senseless!

    Next weekend – Beer festival in Davis Square. Watch Roho squee HIMSELF senseless!


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    Published on March 13, 2012 by in Writing

    I’ve been writing. ALOT.  And it’s fanfiction, which I know is not everyone’s cup of chava.  So I will eventually have these stories (many of them collaborative, some mine alone; all posted with permission) up on the website for people to peruse.

    Currently I am broadening my horizons a bit and writing male characters.  I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea, feeling I would not do males justice, but both of them are becoming easier to write than most of my female characters, whodathunk?

    Anyway, I wanted to share this blurb from my werewolf’s story, because the imagery won’t leave my mind, and it’s deliciously creepy.

    …His jaws gape in a wide lupine grin.  The other bandits are holed up in the house like a great big wooden turtle.  He loves turtles.  They taste so good once you crack open the shell.

    Jon prowled around the house, a growl rumbling through his chest.  He murmured, “Little pig, little pig,” to himself and laughed; a harsh, maniacal sound.  The doors were barricaded, and if he had to, he could tear his way in, but if there was an easier way to his prey… ah!  A window.  They probably did not think to barricade the ones on the second floor.  His claws bit into the logs that made up the small house, easily helping him scale up to the second floor.  As he suspected, there was no one even guarding it.  They were probably all clustered in the main room, expecting him to come through by brute force.  Licking his teeth, he giggles to himself.  “Ready or not… in I come!”

    I look forward to when he comes back to himself and realizes what he’s done (and thought of doing).  The remorse will be delicious.




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    Livestream Delayed

    Published on February 23, 2012 by in Appearances

    I was planning on streaming tonight, but I do not yet have the new setup going, so I am going to postpone this til next week.


    Have a great evening folks!

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    Published on February 23, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    My mother used to always tell me, ‘Charity begins at home.’  It was a credo of the faith I was raised in, and I never really understood it until recently.

    A few months ago, my Other Mom (I’ve called Bren’s mother Mom pretty much from the start) was talking about an article she read about marital happiness, and how happy couples don’t ‘keep track’.  It dawned on me that this is what the motto above truly meant.  Charity is love, and when you love someone… you don’t keep track of all the times they’ve hurt your feelings, or done the dishes, or put the toilet seat down.  You just… love them.

    As tax refunds start rolling in and we all begin looking at the shiny things we’ve been craving, I feel like it’s a good time to send some of that charity outside of the home.  (I am bad at segues, forgive me!)

    The American Cancer Society is currently hosting Daffodil Days. Your donation sends cut daffodils or teddy bears (or both!) to cancer patients to brighten their day with hope. If you can locate a coordinator near you (the link is for my employer), you can also buy potted daffodil plants, and the proceeds go to the ACS. I’ve lost loved ones to cancer, and one of my dearest friends works in cancer research. This is a cause I am delighted to support.

    Another person dear to my heart is raising money for the Illinois Special Olympics. This is his third year(?) doing a polar plunge for charity, and I wish I could be there to cheer him on. This is another organization I am very pleased to support.


    Is there a non profit that’s near and dear to -your- heart? I have a few more discretionary dollars I’d like to send to a worthwhile cause. Let me know in the comments!

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    Holy cow.

    Published on February 21, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    So, I have a friend that has tastes in literature and film that nearly completely overlaps mine, and I should probably just give her my kindle and ask her what to be reading, as everything she’s ever recommended to me has blown my mind. (Looking at you, Gypsylady)

    A few weeks back, she told me ‘Hey, there’s this new movie coming out, it’s based off these books by Suzanne Collins, and they’re really good. You should read them.’

    I didn’t devour the whole trilogy in one sitting, but only because I was trying to save some reading material for the bus ride to/from New York.  They’re good. They’re -really- good.  Tonight, I discovered that the movie (which I thought was coming out in 2013) is scheduled for release next month. I’ve watched all three trailers, I am close to vibrating with excitement about this film. (The casting is interesting, and I highly approve)

    So if you’re looking for some postapocalyptic adventure/suspense…. check out The Hunger Games.  Amazon has the entire trilogy in one neat download for $17 for Kindle.  Then join me on March 23rd for the film.

    May the odds ever be in your favor.

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    Hello World!

    Published on February 19, 2012 by in Site News

    With all the changes on Livejournal, and my general inactivity on the web for the past couple of years, we’ve decided to make some changes to the website.  We’ve ditched the idea of messing with Drupal, and have decided to try out WordPress, as I have been revealed to be a bit of a luddite, and I lack the mental agility to learn a new and complicated system like Drupal.

    Overall, I’m pleased. I’m hoping to get this to port to Livejournal and Dreamwidth, have other nifty widgets here, and get all the art uploaded in one place.  That’s going to be a huge challenge, as right now it’s scattered across three harddrives and four computers. I have my work cut out for me.

    I’m also rethinking what I want to blog about, and considering a whole new image for the website.  In the past, I’ve been predominantly an artist, and my goals have been oriented toward making money, building an audience, etc.  I over-reached, and hit a massive burnout.  My goals for this new beginning are much more simple.  We’ll see if I can keep them.

    This week I will be talking about food, I am hoping to get a livestream session in, and I will be working on art.   Things over on the website are still dusty and likely to change; a very good friend pointed out I needed content more than I needed it to look pretty, and her advice has always stood me well.

    As always, I appreciate everyone’s support.  You guys are incredible. <3



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